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The 3rd eye training course was incredibly helpful and turned out to be indeed eye opening (haha). My psychic abilities have increased, and I can picture objects (mostly outlines and colors at this point) in my mind's eye.


I can say that from the little work I've done, I'm seeing flashes of colors on a fairly regular basis now in my day to day activities. And I feel like my visualization skills have gotten a major upgrade.


By following your guidance and the specific meditations you provided, I have now had the experience of seeing a bright light. At first it would flash but the moment I payed attention to it, like you said, it would go away. Once I followed your advice of learning to ignore it and let go, the bright white light filled my head.


Victor! It was revealing to say the least, or atleast this time period I have embraced it in. I'm also doing the 28 day kundalini, and the locks really work I feel like I did when I was a child, that clarity and the prana.


Hi Victor

I want to thank you for your training course. I especially like the one with the candle.

You've really helped me not to feel scared when I see "things" and forms that don't make logical sense! I am really grateful and inspired by your videos.


Hey Victor,just wanted to give you quick feedback on the third eye course.

I found the videos to be very helpful and practical. My third eye is much more active and I’ve moved onto the Kundalini program which is also great.

Thanks for the awesome content. I find it very helpful to learn aspects of spirituality from teachers that are contemporary and relatable.


It was awesome, Victor!  Thank you - very helpful! 🙂


I have had random surges of energy at the base of my spine at times throughout the day when I am feeling really relaxed.  I know that I will be successful at reaching my goals with the help of your courses, techniques, meditations, affirmations, visualizations and yoga postures.  I have started taking the fermented skate liver oil and I have been eating the diet plan you recommend for years now, naturally taken down that route by my bodies many food and environmental sensitivities.  I have been combining both of your courses at the same time and I feel really positive about achieving success with them thanks to all of your wonderful guidance.    Thank you for checking in on me! That was incredibly kind of you! I know you are very busy!

Wishing you a joyful camping experience with your family!

Thank you so much again, Victor... for everything!!!

Sending you so much love and light!

With gratitude,


Yes thank you so much it definitely opened my third eye - im seeing some colors now and having more vivid dreams.

It was helpful for me that someone "forced" me to do the Meditation exercise as i would've never done it "alone"

It feels like being in some kind of mystery school when i'm watching your videos, i Love it.


The OOOMMMMMM type of noise and meditation you showed me helped a lot .. I have been experiencing some really crazy feelings on my forehead between my eyes like pressure.. but its a tingle kind of pressure and it feels good..


I can see your personal training background with how good of a motivator you are. I love how you talk without writing it beforehand.

I absolutely love the shiljlit (sp?) you recommend! Supplements usually do nothing or negatively affect me but that shit is amazing. Moments after taking it I feel more energy and less anxious at the same time. The brand  you recommend seems to be less expensive than others too


It's really a pleasure to tell that i have experienced one of the most simply and fastest way to open my third eye once i was really bored and upset because nothing that i was triyn' was giving me some good results, you shed some light into my path with the best third eye training and explanations that i ever saw, i'm really grateful for meet a person like you Vic, you're a adorable being sharing some light with us...keep on goin' man.



I've had an amazing, on-going experience and want to thank you so much for your assistance in my journey!

You are a true blessing! I look forward to your daily posts and videos of wisdom.

The entire course was enlightening and I intend on taking the tools/ meditations I've learn with me throughout my path.

Thank you again,


Its been 9 days for me practicing the meditations, but the chanting one mostly. On the second day i noticed a high pitched noise specially while on the "AAH". It got stronger as days passed by. Managed to see a purple-blue circle coming from me and shrinking to the distance too once i stopped chanting and stayed silent (mind is incredibly soothed just after chanting).

Something really curious happened today too. Im not sure if i astral projected or dreamed it, but this morning i woke up early and went to bed again.


It was really powerful the meditation you shared in the video really helped me a lot I love what you do keep it up man you got great opportunities coming your way!


The course has helped me immensely. I've started feeling tingling/vibrations in my third eye area and also in my heart/chest.  I've seen lights, shapes, etc... during the meditations, and I can tell I'm making progress.

Thank you again for the wonderful information! 💜🙏🏻


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Hello, Victor,

I did, and my experiences are improving on a daily basis - it is truly amazing and Thank you for asking, and being a part of it!

FYI: I have been on YouTube for a while now, and your videos are so much more REAL & Informative than the others:)

People tell you anything to get you to buy their products > whatever they may be and because you don't operate in that fashion, you give much more of yourself with your personal experiences this is what I feel sets you apart from the rest.

- Roslyn

Hi Victor, I did enjoy the video's. After following the advice, I have noticed a pleasant pressure between the brow when meditating. At times this feeling gets quite intense and may spread to the temples , I can also feel like something is moving between the brow. Is this a common experience? anyway it's exciting!


- Charles

The 3rd eye program was outstanding! I'm a natural medium always been able to see spirits but I thought everyone could. It took me 40 years to figure out what I am. Thanks to YouTube and ppl like you have helpef me on my path.

Due to your 3rd eye program I can feel my 3rd eye opening bigger, constant pressure and I'm seeing more and more that I've not seen before. I look forward to your other programs/classes. Keep doing what you do, you are amazing! In much love and light...

- Jennifer

Thank you for the 3rd eye videos,,, it did help. I already was doing the things you suggested, including not eating meat for 4 months now..  I see electric imprints of any object I look at as soon as I close my eyes.

- Monica

Hi, Victor!

It really was (and still is) a nice experience 🙂

I tried out the methods and saw the results almost instantly.

- Marina

Hello Vic,

I wanted to share with you an experience I've had after doing the course.

With a group of friends we came to spend the weekend at the beach. I had my eyes closed and I saw a circle surrounded by geometrical patterns. I also noticed a melody, a rhythm that was playing in my head.

Focusing on this two things after a while I started seeing a blue light. It was a great experience because It's tangible evidence that human potential is so much greater than what we normally think. And I wanted to thank you, you kick so much ass!

- Paz

I definitely feel more in tune with my body's energy, especially after mediation, I also experienced strange but fascinating dreams afterwards. I feel like it has significantly sped up the process of my awakening and I am thankful to you for creating this course. Thank you!

- Jazmyn

I am very thankful for this straightforward training to open the 3. eye.

I find your AUM meditation and your Trataka on Candle Techniques very powerful. I have tested on me your 3 recommended substances. Each one of them is necessary for me!👍✌️😀. Great! I can not thank you enough

- Frank

Hey Vic,

My name is Aris and I just wanted to thank you for the course and your YouTube videos! I actually just signed up for the kundalini awakening course, very excited! Since practicing the meditations, reciting the affirmations, detoxing, etc, I've gotten much better sleep and increased focus and creativity. I consume spirulina and raw cacao daily, and just ordered the skate liver oil pills. I've only gotten brief glimpses of the candlelight in my third eye, but this is only the start of my journey!

- Aris

I enjoyed your 3rd eye training course as I enjoy all of your videos Victor. The information is always so HELPFUL to me.

- Julie

Each thing has been sent in a total synchronicity engagement.

At start, felt some head pressure, tingeling/numb fingers during the SAT-NAM exercises... and now I feel I'm doing it less effectively and therefore no headaches.

About the third eye... felt some stuff

Many thanks again!

- David

Hey Victor!

I would like to start by telling you that I am a very emotional guy.

just wanted to let you know that your meditations have helped me opening my third eye, and I have realized that my third eye has already been open and I did not know about this,

- Ameg


Thanks Victoria. The course has really helped in my ascension. Thanks for guidance, it was really helpful.

Look forward to more videos to come.


- Vicki

It was really powerful the meditation you shared in the video really helped me a lot I love what you do keep it up man you got great opportunities coming your way!

- Kevin

Hi victor,

Yes it's all. Very rewarding, I'm learning so much and I feel I'm getting there slowly, but I'm enjoying the experience.

Thank you so much for all your knowledge and Experience!

It helps so much!

- Brenda

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