Discover How Youtube's Victor Oddo Stumbled Upon A Way  To SHIFT Out Of His ASCENSION CHAOS Into A BALANCED State of (Inner Harmony) that Settled His Awakening Symptoms & Finally, Gave His Life Purpose!


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I am using mood shift to help with ascension symptoms, and I have to say with great Results. I have noticed everyone around me seems to be in total chaos while I feel calm and even joyful. I can’t say thank you enough, it has made such a difference… Sending love to you and yours.

- Almadea

Hey Victor! The mood shift program and all that’s included has really helped me. It’s not just the exercise, it’s all the explaining you do about it too. The words you have written out alone have shifted me. Very balancing. Your videos helped me through a rough time and helped me break out of a cycle that was draining me and not serving me. So thank you!

- Becky

I have been on a spiritual path for several years now, but the recent intense energy and acceleration of ascension has been very hard on my physical body.

My circuits felt fried and exhausted.

I was so happy to find your program and how you integrate, balance, and how to ground these high frequencies into my physical body. 

I have the tendency to become very ungrounded, a problem I think a lot of people on a spiritual path struggle with. It has been hard to find a daily routine that works for me.  I used to wake up and think I had to do all these things just to get right for the day, and it was very overwhelming.

Your program has helped me to see that I can streamline and simplify my routine, and still have positive results and I don’t have to do a long routine every day. I was excited to see you have a , “10 minute version.”

- Kimberly

The mood shift package is great so far. I am trying to lose weight so for the past 4 days, I have been following all your suggestions from those sections.

Long story short, I am 21 years old I was ill for 5 years straight, I am finishing up high school, and trying to get my spiritual and entire life back on track and Mood Shift is now part of my process.

- Bill

I intially signed up for Mood shift because in June I got to a really low point, the dizziness, depression, anxiety, and my adrenal glands were causing a list of problems, and I would feel sense of tiredness after walking for more than 15 minutes. The doctors didn't understand what was happening (I live in Japan so it's hard to find people who can really help me). I knew it was part of my spiritual growth; it was just hard to tell that to my job... Next month Im going to leave that job, and pursue becoming a healer (Reiki, and Ayurveda).

Using your program has greatly helped in ridding myself of the dizziness, and I feel much more grounded!! 😀 😀 The affirmations are also very helpful!!!

But for the nutrition part it is useful information.

Thank you!

Much love and light to you!!

- Israa

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yes, indeed, I am having a nice experience with Mood Shift. 🙂 I have been practising various kinds of Yoga for about 14 years: Hatha, Kriya, Radha etc, Astral Projection, Sexual Qi Gong. 

My problem was I was overstraining myself most of the time. So my nervous system was burning out. Your system is easy to follow and I feel good after it, having lots of extra energy for the day. I have changed some things and added some features over time to Mood Shift to make my routine more personalized. I must admit rediscovering Fire Breathing was a revelation to me, it makes Yoga postures so more effective.

- Nerijus

Hi Victor, 

I enjoy working with you in these sessions and I’m so glad that I joined your system. What I really like is the normalcy, there is no, oh, I’m so great and you should take my lead because I know the answer to everything. 

Thank you once again,


- Sue

First of all, I want to tell you that you're doing a great job and that you are a risk taker by talking about these topics and helping people through social media. I admire that very much. 

I have noticed that Mood Shift has helped me to stay more centered during challenging situations and to face them in a conscious way.

It also has helped me to be focused on what I want and to have faith in positive outcomes in my life thanks to the practice of daily visualization.


- Bianca (Mexico City)

The Mood Shift program is very calming and centering of all the Kundalini energy especially during the New moon and Full Moon cycles.

- Leonora 🙏

HI Victor!

Thank you so much for helping me on my path!!! I am 44 years old, and since I was a child, I have been searching for something I haven't been able to completely understand. But, after stumbling upon your YouTube videos and then buying your "Moodshift" program, the gap has been bridged! .. 

I am no longer searching for the truth.. now I am living it!! And with the excitement of evolvement - instead of the search on how to get there!! The fact that you give put alot of emphasis on making sure every aspect of your yoga movements are understood in your "follow-along" video made it so much easier for me! 

I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart! I also watch your videos regularly which has skyrocketed my understanding of why I am here! 

- Sheri

When I started the moodshift program, I felt something new, a new permanent vibe (I don't know how explain) that is subtle but real. But I noticed if I don't do the program for one day, it smoothly fades away… 

I have been doing the moodshift program almost everyday for one week or more from now (I don't remember). I'm mostly doing the short version, but when I have the time and the good vibe I do the long version.

- Michael

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You Pay Only $47


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